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    • André KINTZUGER
    • May 31, 2016

    I saw on the site your work about Ibanez RX 170, i found it very interessant. I am the owner of an RX 170 Ibanez. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the tremolo arm .
    It seems quite difficult to find another one. Please could you tell me where i can find one or if some another arm is available for this model?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Reply

      Contact Rich at [email protected] and ask if he has one. Rich tends to have just about every part you could possibly want. He does ship international as well for small parts like this. I’d have to try and find the original trem that came off this guitar when we did the conversion to see if I could match up something else. It looks like you are in France. It would be a lot cheaper if you could fine one locally. Any trem arm will work so long as it attaches the same way. I think the original trem has a screw on trem arm if I’m not mistaken. That’s the easy type to get aftermarket. You just have to make sure the thread size and pattern is the same. Since Ibanez is an Asian brand, just about everything on them should be in metric sizes, making it even easier for you to find an aftermarket part in your location.

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