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You are viewing the new Darkling Designs website! This site will be showcasing the projects completed by Darkling Designs and its members. We’ll be covering a number of projects related to building or customizing your own musical equipment. We’ll also be covering some home improvement and woodworking as well as some computer technology. Anything else that comes our way is bound to make it to these pages as well.

Darkling Designs is a subsidiary of Poppa Meth Entertainment. Basically the PME site is for the creative content we come up with, like web comics, music, and game guides. This site will showcase the things we build and provide guides on how we built them so you have a reference for your own projects.

It’ll take a few days to really get the website up to speed. There are several projects already completed that will be moving here from GideonD’s blog. Content should be popping up pretty quickly at first once the new site is fully functional so stay tuned!

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