Making Your Own Instrument Cables – Part 2

Updated Information I had a chance to go through another instrument cable crafting session and used the traditional method for clamping the ground lug to the cable and shielding braid this time.  This method makes for a stronger connection since the lug is clamping to the tough outer insulator of the cable instead of the […]

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Making Your Own Instrument Cables

Overview This project is a continuation of the Homemade Pedal Board project. Once a pedal board is constructed you need good quality patch cables to hook all of your pedals together with. You can buy these pre-made, but finding good quality cables can be tricky. To avoid this I decided to make my own with […]

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Relining a Guitar Case

Overview Relining a guitar case can be a lot of work, but don’t let that scare you off. The results can be worth it as you are about to see. I recently bought an old 1986 Ibanez RG530 Roadstar II. It came in a generic TKL chip board case. These cases aren’t that great but […]

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