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The Team at Darkling Designs

The team at Darkling Designs is a small one. We are just a couple of guys with an interest in music, movies, computers, and doing things for ourselves.

My name is GideonD. I run this site and the PME site. I am a paint and flooring retailer by trade, which makes me more familiar than I care to be with the home improvement market. I’m a freelance computer technician on the side and an amateur guitarist who has taken and interest in building and modifying my own equipment.

Orion is my right hand man. We’ve been band mates since the late 1990s. He likes to tweak his own gear as well and has aspiration as an artist and photographer. He helps me out on most of these weird little projects I come up with.

We hope you enjoy the glimpse of our madness this site provides.



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    I have an Ibanez s 470.
    Although I love the neck, it doesn’t have the punch of a Gibson 335.
    I’m thinking of switching the humbuckers to Gibson ’57 pups & changing to middle to a Seymor Duncan.
    Adding a knob to blend the middle pick up as per the black Gibson on my Facebook page

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